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Hay Day: how to play

Hay Day is a farming game created and developed by Finnish mobile game developer company Supercell. This game was first released on IOS platforms on 21st June 2012, and later it was released on Android platforms on 20th November 2013. A report came out in 2013 that claimed according to the revenue being generated Hay Day was ranked 4th highest grossing game overall. The basic gameplay of this game is where the players have to take care of a farm .The player’s uncle will hand over the responsibilities in the game. At the beginning, there is a scarecrow who will teach the player how to harvest Wheat.

Various crops will be unlocked at various stages of the game. By selling those players can do different things to level up. They can buy buildings for production, they can also buy pets for the farm, or they can decorate any items of the farm. Players will earn XP or experience points by doing so. This will help the players to progress in the game. Here players will get help from the neighborhoods of the farm, and they can also assist the other players if they need help. Here players can also make a conversation with neighborhood’s player. After a certain level reached in the game players can also expand the area of their farm as per requirement.

Hay Day Tips

Hay Day Hack is proven to be game changer techniques using which players can decorate their farm with more efficiency and speed, and there is less effort needed.

At the starting of the game, scarecrow will help the players to harvest the wheat, but that surely isn’t enough to customize the farm. Here are some Hay Day hacks and cheats that will work actually:

Gaining resources will help the players to level up. The main resources of this game are diamonds and coins. The more you’ll earn these resources the more successful you will become.

Getting unlimited coins will help the players to do a lot of things:

It can buy new items for the farm.

It can buy products and item for the building.

It helps to buy products from neighborhood’s players.

It is a monotonous process to get unlimited coins, so most of the players give up early and tries to spend real money on this process, but if a player can hack this properly, they can get coins easily.

Diamonds will also help to customise the farm because diamonds are one of the primary resources of Hay Day. Players can use diamonds to speed up their given tasks at every level of the game, and they can buy stuff for decorating the farm also.

Hay Day Hack will help to diminish or skip the long waiting periods and help the players to buy new items. There are many hacking tools available online and those tools are easy to explore. The good things about these tools are here there is no need to share any of the personal information from the phone. So using these hacking tools players can build a farm to make their in-game uncle visit more than once.