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Metal Slug 2 (SNK, 1998): Arcade Game Review

Metal Slug 2 is essentially a new levels pack for the first Metal Slug game – the engine is virtually unchanged and many of the sprites are re-used. Somehow, however, it comes out seeming improved.
I chalk that up mostly to a better sense of level layout and designed. Aside from more varied backgrounds and enemy types, levels often feature a series of vertical jumps merged with horizontal movement, and there’s some cool boss battles that surpass anything from the previous game, like a set of mechanical jaws that chases you up a huge pillar at the end of the second level. The layouts also negate (somewhat) the game’s greatest gameplay weakness, which is that you can’t really ever fire diagonally.

A couple new characters – both female – join the nameless grunts from the first game, and you can now select which of the four you want at the outset of the game and after burning up each credit. The “Super Vehicle” tanks and the Hobo Soldiers both make a reappearance, but there’s a cute twist on the former in the desert levels (you get a camel with a mounted machine gun instead of the normal tank … also happens to be a little easier to control and aim your fire. Go camels.)

Overall, same story as the first game – looks great, plays great, sounds great, but I felt the gameplay/layout was improved enough here to make a difference and elevate this one a notch over the prequel. There were some issues with slowdown and glitches in the original release, prompting the game to be remade as Metal Slug X, which you may want to check out instead.

Download Wii Games for Free

Since the internet became the mainstream of communication, a lot of free downloads have became available. The most popular downloads are under the category of entertainment media like TV shows, movies, music and games. These downloads, when executed correctly, provide certain benefits to both the consumer and the provider in the long run. Nintendo Wii gamers are able to save a lot of time and money as long as they know how to download free Wii games from the internet.
Since the Nintendo Wii console is the most popular console in the market, Wii games became Nintendo’s main bread-and-butter. With that said, no website exists that allows straight FOC (free-of-charge) Wii game download. Nintendo even went as far as protecting their Wii games with full intellectual property protection. Even so, there still is a way to download free Wii games on the internet.

Even today, free download for Nintendo Wii games can be found on the net. Yet, it is advisable that you stay away from them. This kind of site might be illegal, or the game is of sub-standard quality, and it might have spywares and viruses. Still others might require you to do some minor configuration changes, or do a soft installation which can be quite frustrating for the technologically challenged person.

The safest way to download free Wii games would be to join a membership site which offers a lifetime of unlimited download of all kinds of entertainment media including video games. Even though you’ll be able to download Wii games for free, you need to pay a one time flat fee for the membership. And since there are hundreds of sites that are competing with each other, the fee normally is very cheap.

Not a hard-core Wii gamer and just looking for one particular game to download, then the pay-per-download option is the best option to take. The per-download option on the net charges a very minimal fee; usually it’s a fraction of the cost of the original disc being sold at the stores. What ever your reason is, it is clear that Wii gamers will eventually want more games after sometime, and ends up upgrading to unlimited access.

There are hundreds of Wii Download Services available on the internet and it could be confusing which one you’d like to use. In choosing, be cautious, since most of the owners have jumped into the bandwagon of this popular service too early and are not able live up to their commitments. Some sites are just plain scam, looking to pull a fast one on individuals who are a bit careless. In reality, very few of these sites are trustworthy and deliver what they promised.

Here are a few tips on how you can safely download free Wii games. Go for a provider that offers the following: a full no questions asked money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support, access to all kinds of entertainment media, and provides software, tools and accessories for free. Lastly, be mindful if the site is powered by secure retailers like Clickbank; if they are, then you’re in good hands.