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Thrust (Thomas Jenzscht, 2000): Atari 2600 Game Review

Thrust is a “modern retro” homebrew made in 2000, and a sort of mash-up of Asteroids and Defender. You have a ship which moves, looks and fires like the Asteroid ship, but a level layout that scrolls sideways and works more like Defender.

It’s pretty good looking, but it suffers from general aimlessness in the gameplay. I’m still not certain what the overarching goal is – I guess you have to destroy everything on the ground, or something specific, before you fly upwards into space, but it isn’t made clear in-game. It’s tough to stick with it to explore and find out, because the control scheme has you constantly pressing upwards to keep the ship thrusting away from collision with the ground, yet you also need to constantly skim near the ground to interact with everything. It’s a frustrating control setup and quickly gets tiresome.