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Best Modes for Bullet Force

The game Bullet force contains 2 types of mode like single player mode and multiplayer mode. Prepare your weapons to feel real battle experience in both single and multiplayer modes. Choose from over six weapons and drive vehicles including military tank and MRAP vehicle. This game offers multiple game levels which like to you choose. The game modes are,

  • Easy level
  • Medium level
  • Tough or Hard level

If you choose any one level and enter to it, you will get basic weapons and basic map (only for now, in future you will able to change the map settings). Look around very carefully and move across the battle area from one camp or shelter to another camp. If you get the chance to see your enemy, try to know his weak point then shoot one or more times. Hit the head, chest or other vulnerable parts and it will helps to beat your enemy in quickly. Sometimes you will get the chance to collect free weapons otherwise buy camouflages options and variety of weapons like small guns, laser guns, assault rifles, sniper guns, machine guns and munitions. In Bullet force game offers another mode includes in to a single player mode known as Skirmish mode. In this mode, the game becomes a team-death style in where you decide battle against opposite team. Multiple players exist on this Skirmish mode and playing free to all.

Features of bullet Force:

  • Single player campaign
  • Over twenty types of weapons
  • Team-death battle mode
  • Satisfying gunplay
  • Attractive visual graphics with HQ sound effects
  • Online multiplayer with custom matches
  • Customizable load-out
  • Various maps with different environment
  • Fight against other gamers and feel real battle experience

Hack to this game

This game is very popular and more attractiveness while playing. But one problem is increasing of your golds and points it’s not an easy task. The upcoming levels of game are very hard to play to compare previous levels. Here one option is used to increase your game points, that option is Hack tool. The Bullet force hack tool is used to increase your credits and golds and this tool was generated by some hack teams like Cheats Pirates team and team.

Features of Hacking

  • Unlimited bullet force free coins
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Don’t share your personal details
  • Root or Jailbreak is not required
  • Automatic updates
  • User interface
  • Available for all kinds of OS’s like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android…

Free Video Games on

I just can’t believe the age we live in nowadays. I grew up in the age of the Atari 2600, and I had to beg my mother to get it for me. Of course, the games of the 2600 look like absolute filth compared to what they have nowadays, and they were replaced by better systems like the Nintendo a few years later. By the time Nintendo came out, I as a teenager had better things to spend my money on. Since I was completely broke in college, I was unable to afford the 16-bit Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo systems. In short, there is an entire generation of TV video games that I never owned.
Now, thanks to the emulators on, practically any game that I want from the 80s and 90s is available to download for free. If you click on “Emulators” on their main menu, you’ll find a variety of outdated video game systems including the classic Atari 2600, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and Sega Saturn. (Regrettably, more modern systems such as the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox are not available, yet!) Click on the “Games” and search alphabetically from thousands of games.

Then all you need to do is download the emulator, and download the game. I risk sounding cliché with this, but it’s just that simple. You’ll be amazed at how quickly these games download. I just downloaded the GENS Emulator, one of several programs that will allow you to play specifically Sega Genesis games. I now feel like I was back in college, and playing Sonic the Hedgehog on my neighbor’s system when I should have been studying.

Be warned though. Some of these emulators work, but you may end up getting some autoplay of the game. The autoplay looks like a video arcade game before you put the quarter in. What you have to do is find out how to calibrate the controls, and you’re in. That is different for every single emulator, but the key is to look on the menu bar and find “Controls”. You will then be able to set up the controls like you would for your old games. I believe some of the emulators even have a joystick option, so you might want to see if that will work for more authentic gameplay.

Once you got it set up, you can pretend that you’re the coolest (or nerdiest) kid on the block with nearly unlimited gaming capacity. As for me, I’m living it up playing Sonic The Hedgehog any time that I want off my laptop. Of course, I still don’t have the time, but at least it is there for me, even if I’m not there for it. I just got the N64 player to work, I am having have some fun with Banjo-Kazooie.