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Best Mode for Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is a game that has a lot of focus on planning and execution of strategies will be one of the important aspects of the game to have a good builder plan and it will help secure your base. This will destroy the enemy units that will come to attack your base.

Sandbox mode in clash of clans:

Sandbox mode is a great way to plan and attack in clan wars. In this mood, you will not spend any troops. You can attack as long as you want it will not count on CoC Mod Apk   wars when the sandbox mode is on.

This will be work only on the rooted device. If you are not yet been rooted then you can go to Xmodegames. Xmodegames works only in rooted device.

  • Go to xmodegames. You have to click for android. Choose to download via play store or direct download.
  • After the download completes installing the app.
  • Once xmodegames is installed then you can open it and select clash of clans.
  • Don’t press the launch button yet. Click the install mod button.
  • After the mod is installed completely then click launch button.
  • Once you have launched the game you will notice the X button in the right side of your screen. If you press the button there will be a lot of options you can see.
  • To find sandbox attack scroll down and turn it on.
  • Select the opponents and press scout button.
  • After every attack, the game will get a force

CoC Mod Apk

Keep active is another mod this will keep your game active and you will not attack for a long time. Auto search also another mod to find somebody to attack with your desired gold.